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We have no end of museums for history buff and casual visitor alike, all authentic, well-maintained . . . not to mention a lot of fun. For example, the Courthouse Museum, built in 1882, is also the smallest state park in Arizona, but still has so much to see!

The Epitaph Newspaper, on 5th Street, with its original printing press is free and another must see museum. The Rose Tree Inn Museum on 4th Street houses the largest Rose Tree in the World! Over a million blooms cover its 9,000 square foot trellis. Every April we have a "Rose" parade. We will be honoring its 126rd blooming in 2010. Those history buffs will want to check out the Western Heritage Museum on 6th Street. They have a large collection of Earp memorabilia and lots of other interesting exhibits about life in the Old West. Both kids and adults will want to visit the O.K. Corral, a museum with animatronics that retell the story of the famous gunfight.


Our art galleries display Western classics by both famous and upcoming artists and are always changing. Every visit will be a little different, and our pieces are delightfully varied.

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