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Thousands of miners descended not long after prospector Ed Schieffelin discovered silver in 1877, and Tombstone grew to 10,000 in 1881, earning the attention of Arizona legislators, who created Cochise County, with Tombstone as its seat. In 1879 the first business housed in a “substantial structure” was owned by J.B. “Pie” Allen at the corner of 4th & Allen Street. The November 10, 1881 edition of “Tucson Weekly Star” reported that work on a new one-story adobe building was underway and included a description of the work to be done. The project architect was Frank Walker, whose plans for the new Cochise County Courthouse (now a state park) had been accepted by the Board of Supervisors. The current building owner, P.W. Smith’s new store was to eventually measure 90 feet in length by 70 feet in width with the longest side fronting on Allen Street and the narrower side fronting Fourth. The current Visitors Center sits at the intersection of these streets in the original Adobe building. The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce, Tombstone Food Bank, Tombstone Association of the Arts and smaller non-profit storefronts share the building. The City of Tombstone was given designation as a National Historic Landmark District dessignation it earned in 1961 as "one of the best preserved specimens of the rugged frontier of the 1870s and '80s." National Register Number: 66000171. 

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