Tombstone Overview


In its early days, Tombstone was a rough and tumble silver-mining town made famous by the O.K. Corral gunfight. Today, you can still hear the echoes of gunfire through the streets, but it's gunfire from re-enactments. Tombstone is proud of its Old West history, even if it's in a way not the wild and dangerous town it used to be.

Visitors to Tombstone will find more than enough to do and see. History is everywhere and often presented in entertaining, kid-friendly ways. Tombstone has a talent for making the past come alive, whether through live performances or museums.

Lodging is often historic as well. Inns that date from the 19th century are not uncommon, complete with beautiful vintage furnishings. Local RV parks allow you to experience the landscape up close.

Tombstone has no end of restaurants. It's saloons, though, are the real draw, call-backs to an older, rowdier time - without being quite so rowdy.

There's no better place for an Old West wedding than Tombstone and special events are plentiful and unique. Whenever you decide to visit, you'll find that there's always plenty to do in Tombstone. Just stop by and see for yourself, and we guarentee that you will never be bored.

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