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Lozen Gallery is located in a place of major historical importance. The path that became "Main Street" in Dragoon, AZ, was part of the ancient Indian trail named Apache Pass. This trail route traversed present day Arizona and New Mexico into Sonoran territory of Mexico and beyond and was part of an immense network of commerce and trading routes of the Americas prior to the European invasion. The entire Southwest, as far as Montana, made up the northern portion of Aztlan, the territorial lands of the Aztec nation, present day Mexico City being its capital and the center of culture of Native America before 1492.

Dragoon, AZ is within the boundaries of the orginial Chiricahua Reservation 1872-1876, a small portion fo the vast Apacheria territory from Chihuahua, Mexico to Flagstaff, Arizona. These were the homelands of the Nde -"the people" otherwise known as the Apache. ONly 124 years ago, Dragoon was the stage for the most brutal and difficult war for the US Calvary resulting in a no-win situation against the most fierce and successful guerilla fighting unit of any Native American tribe. Call the "rear guard", these Chiricahua warriors defended their homeland, their people and their honor for three and a half centuries against two different foreign invaders; the Spanish and the Americans.

Lozen Gallery is on the original site of the Dragoon Summit Station and the Union Pacific Railroad 1881, the Butterfield and Wells Fargo Stage Coach lines and the U.S. Post Office, 1881.

At the turn of the century, Dragoon was estimated to have had 4,000 inhabitants, mainly Chinese and Mexican railroad workers. There miners, soldier's camps and cattlemen. Dragoon was quoted as being "a place only fit for dogs", an inhospitable infestation of a low-life breed, notorious for their lawlessness and bad manners setting the stage for a perfect ambuscade and epitaph. As Mr. Martinez, a 99 year old Chiricahua man born in Dragoon said, "Son, you better have yourself a string of horses and gallop all the way from Mesilla to Tucson. Run your horses to the ground, and God help you cross Summit Canyon. And, if you were to cross over safely, do not befriend those land-squatting  shyters from the East and refuse any whiskey from them 'cause they'll pick your wallet clean and you'll end up in a mining hole along with the rest of the poor miners. (Excerpt taken from 1999 interview with Mr. Martinez by Nochita, Native historian, founder of the Native America Historical Society and owner of the Lozen Gallery.)

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From Tombstone-

Take AZ-80W (Sumner St.).

Go 23.6 miles to Benson, AZ .

Make a U-turn at North San Pedro St. onto East 4th St.

Go .2 miles (under the overpass).

Take exit on left towards I-10 E/ Willcox/ El Paso.

Enter I-10 E on right. 

Go 12.1 miles, take exit 318/ Dragoon Rd.

Turn right at East Dragoon Rd intersection.

Go 3.5 mles to Main St., Dragoon and Lozen Gallery and Cafe on right, just after rail road crossing and sharp left hand turn.


 7)Map to imbed into the web pages- It shows Tombstone and Dragoon, showing the relationship of the two:


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