Attractions and Tours


Tombstone's history can be traced on every road, on every wooden boardwalk. There's nothing dry and merely old about Tombstone's past. It's alive and active and delightful, the spirit of the town and the spirit of its activities. You'll find museums celebrating Tombstone's heritage, but you'll find much more than that.

Museums, from the O.K. Corral Museum, preserving the site of the infamous gunfight, and the Rose Tree Inn Museum, protecting the largest rose tree in the world, are plentiful in Tombstone, and highly enjoyable.

Historic sites are also plentiful - so plentiful that there seems to be one on every street . . . when the entire street doesn't date from the nineteenth century, that is. Visit the Boothill Graveyard, most famous cemetery in the West, or the 1880s' Old City Hall.

You also will not want to miss the fine art displayed in our galleries or our terrific narrated tours. Mine,  stagecoach, trolley, jeep and walking  tours are only a portion of the historic and entertaining things you'll find in Tombstone.

Make sure you see some of the many shows around Tombstone. Live gunfights, dancing and wild west animal shows happen 7 days a week!